Family dinner.


I had my family over for dinner last Monday, and I decided to make baked salmon with honey, ginger and garlic spices. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the salmon, because we were so hungry, that I forgot to bring out the camera. It was delicious! Salmon is my favorite fish, and I can’t believe I didn’t like it once. Actually, I didn’t like any seafood at all, but well, luckily that changed.

For the main dish, I also made two rucola pesto and mozzarella bread, and a salad. It was hard to make the bread as I realized, I didn’t have a rolling pen halfway through the making, which is also the reason the dough is a too thick and messes up the braided look a little bit. Most importantly, my family told me the bread tasted well. I am still on my healthy competition diet, so no bread (or dessert) for me this time.

We had strawberries, grapes, small Nutella bread, and Malaysian fried banana cake for dessert.






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