This week.

DSC02152 - Kopi

I had the perfect monday

I rediscovered how good Philadelphia cream cheese is

I struggled with some important paper work

I felt extremely sore from working out

I worked 11,5 hours on Black Friday

I didn’t do any shopping on Black Friday myself

I prepared for my internship starting next week

I couldn’t fall asleep most nights

I bought this winters first hyacinths

I finally started blogging again


Twenty three.

Birthday wishes

YEES soon it’s my birthday and I will turn 23! More precise the 9th of December.

Every year when my birthday is approaching my family is asking for my birthday wishes, and because I am a December girl, most years I make a combined Birthday/Christmas wish list. Every year I find it hard to make a wish list. It’s not like when I was a child anymore, where I crossed over every toy I wished for in the Fætter BR (Danish toy store) Catalogue. Now, I can’t come up with any wishes, and I kind of feel like I have what I need. Or that the things I want, I don’t want right now. For example, I really want some beautiful furniture, interior, and tableware for the living room and kitchen, but not now. I want to start wish for these things when I have settled and live in a place, where I will live for many years.

I managed to find some wishes this year. Foundation and protein powder, because I am out of these things. Books, because I am interested in communication, PR, branding and marketing. and I want to be become smarter and improve in these areas. Workout tights, because the ones I have are worn out and almost see-through when I am doing squats. The first pair is from Skins (A200), the second from Adidas (Response tights), and the third from Nike (Epic running tights). I hope to get one of these pairs.

Do you have any Christmas wishes already? Inspiration and ideas are very welcome in the comment section.

Good night!


ASOS Velvet 2

Velvet is everywhere right now. Shoes, bags, dresses, blazers, and trousers. Plus, I have even seen underwear, hoodies and joggers made out out of velvet online. Velvet reminds me a little bit about my childhood, because I think I had a velvet (Christmas?) dress as a little girl. Also, I associate velvet with a tablecloth used at parties.

Here comes a funny little story. The first time I really noticed velvet this year was at the fitness competition in which I competed. A girl had a bikini made out of velvet, which I thought was really pretty and special, because she was the only one. From that day on I started to notice velvet quite often. I have come to like this fabric for clothing, but to a certain point, because sometimes velvet can make the clothing look cheap, I think. Below are my favourite pieces from (search for ‘velvet’).

Winter boots.


Tadaaa, my very first collage made in Photoshop. I am really trying to learn how to use Photoshop at the moment, and this one was actually quite simpel and easy. I had a small Photoshop course at my Uni once (one-two years ago) but afterwards I forgot what I learned as I didn’t have the program on my computer to practise at home. I could attend extra courses now but I will try to learn it by myself. It should be possible with help from the books I borrowed from the library, the endless amount of youtube tutorials that exist, and my multimedia designer friends. More collages coming up!

My collage consists of my favourite winter boots this season. It’s pretty obvious what kind of boots i like. Yes, the Chelsea boots. The over-the-knee boots is also trending right now, and this trend, I find, is actual really practical unlike some other fashion trends. The advantage of wearing over-the-knee boots would be not getting snow inside your shoe, which would be harder to avoid in a pair of Chelsea boots. I like these boots when they are tight with a heel.

River IslandRiver Island