Evening workout.



Todays workout was completed together with my school friend. Usually I train by myself, mainly because many people follow their own program or routine, but it was really nice to have some company tonight.


Nike news.

Nike Crop full

Nike tights full

Nike is one of my favorite sports wear brands, and it has been like this since I remember. I was looking at Nikes website and found these two new styles I would like to have in my closet. I really do like crop tops but I actually don’t think I would wear it in the gym, like I wouldn’t wear just a sports bra. But anyway it’s also too cold for that. It is a cool crop top though, and perfect for the summer. The tights are cool, mostly because of the bright yellow stripe down the sides.

Welcome to my blog.

I am very happy you are here to read it.

My name is Isabella. I am 22 years old and live in Denmark. I like to work out and through my blog I hope to share my lifestyle and motivate people to a healthy life.

Fitness // In November 2014 I joined the Fisker Performance Team and began training towards Danish Newcomers’15 in September in Bikini Fitness. Before, I enjoyed running, but now I have discovered weight lifting and actually barely run anymore. On my blog you can follow my journey to reach my goal to become a fitness athlete.

Gym wear // I like fashion and I keep myself updated with trends and new arrivals within the gym wear industry. I think, it could be cool to work within the gym wear industry in the future, which is one reason why I study business at a fashion school.

Motivation and inspiration // On my blog I hope to motivate with pictures and other things I come up with.

Adventures // I am very adventurous, open-minded and I love to explore. I also like to challenge myself in all kind of different ways. If I am lucky enough to safe money to go somewhere, I will share my adventures on the blog.

If you have any comments or questions, you are very welcome to write me.