Team day.

Saturday was teamday! We met up in the smallest gym ever in a small town where I had never been before. The size of the gym made it cosy and there was a local atmosphere. We started out with some workout and talked a lot since it was some time ago we had seen eachother, and that is also the nice part of meeting up. But it was not all talking after all. I did goodmornings, dips, lateral raises, db overhead presses and leg extensions.





Our sponsor spoiled us with a many different taste variants of their protein. And now I have serious trouble deciding which taste to try after my workouts. We ended the day with posing practise, and I think my body is actually more sore from that than the workout haha.


I am so happy to be a part of this team. So many dedicated, cool and hard-working people with the best coaches. Workout is making me happy and I love what I am doing right now.



Team day tomorrow.

It was crazy busy at work today, and I was so hungry when I got off this afternoon. I am sooo happy I had prepared my dinner, otherwise it’s too easy to get tempted to eat something unhealthy.


Tomorrow I am going to meet up with my team to workout, practice posing, and have fun. I am really looking forward to it!

Waking up with the sun.

DSC01372 (2)

Tomorrow’s going to start really early for me. To get tomorrows workout to match with both me and my workout partner’s calender, we decided to go to the gym at 5.30am. I need to be at work at 8am and he is going out of town.

I prepared everything for tomorrow morning to be as quick as possible (and sleep as long as possible!). I need breakfast or some kind of food before the gym, or I will not function at all. Tomorrow I will eat oatmeal with almonds and blueberries for breakfast, and after the workout, a banana and a proteinshake will be waiting for me. I also prepared my lunch and dinner. So much preparation all the time, but it’s worth it.