Team day.

Saturday was teamday! We met up in the smallest gym ever in a small town where I had never been before. The size of the gym made it cosy and there was a local atmosphere. We started out with some workout and talked a lot since it was some time ago we had seen eachother, and that is also the nice part of meeting up. But it was not all talking after all. I did goodmornings, dips, lateral raises, db overhead presses and leg extensions.





Our sponsor spoiled us with a many different taste variants of their protein. And now I have serious trouble deciding which taste to try after my workouts. We ended the day with posing practise, and I think my body is actually more sore from that than the workout haha.


I am so happy to be a part of this team. So many dedicated, cool and hard-working people with the best coaches. Workout is making me happy and I love what I am doing right now.



4 thoughts on “Team day.

  1. Seems you found a good and honest community to help you out, that’s awesome congrats! Good luck and stay strong! (PS. You know your doing posing practice right when you’re sore after! XD)


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