Twenty three.

Birthday wishes

YEES soon it’s my birthday and I will turn 23! More precise the 9th of December.

Every year when my birthday is approaching my family is asking for my birthday wishes, and because I am a December girl, most years I make a combined Birthday/Christmas wish list. Every year I find it hard to make a wish list. It’s not like when I was a child anymore, where I crossed over every toy I wished for in the Fætter BR (Danish toy store) Catalogue. Now, I can’t come up with any wishes, and I kind of feel like I have what I need. Or that the things I want, I don’t want right now. For example, I really want some beautiful furniture, interior, and tableware for the living room and kitchen, but not now. I want to start wish for these things when I have settled and live in a place, where I will live for many years.

I managed to find some wishes this year. Foundation and protein powder, because I am out of these things. Books, because I am interested in communication, PR, branding and marketing. and I want to be become smarter and improve in these areas. Workout tights, because the ones I have are worn out and almost see-through when I am doing squats. The first pair is from Skins (A200), the second from Adidas (Response tights), and the third from Nike (Epic running tights). I hope to get one of these pairs.

Do you have any Christmas wishes already? Inspiration and ideas are very welcome in the comment section.

Good night!


In my gym bag.


Among clutches and handbags, my gymbag is probably the one I use the most. Let’s take a look inside.




Inside, I have my black Adidas trainers, which I use in the gym with only one exception: Squats! When squatting, I use my Reebok Crossfit shoes because they support me much better than the trainers. There is a huge difference, I believe. I use the yellow leather straps for deadlifts. It irritates me when my hands are slipping the barbell, but I feel I can easily lift a heavier weight. Especially when it’s warm outside and the gym is hot like a sauna. Here the straps can be a help, but usually, I deadlift without the straps.

Sometimes, I bring a banan and a proteinshake with me to the gym, but mostly I just hurry home to blend it all into a well-tasting smoothie. I have protein powder in many different flavours, and my favourite flavour right now is caribbean chocolate (coconut taste) or strawberry/white chocolate. One banana, 30 gram whey, and water. Simple, but yet so tasting. I should post a picture of this soon.

I also bring my membership card (of course), a padlock, a hair band and my headphones. My set of headphones is essential when I am doing cardio. I usually powerwalk to an episode of Modern Family or Glee. It magically makes the time goes faster.


My good old running shoes I use when I am doing cardio or powerwalking outside. I like to walk in the nature, and these shoes are often very muddy.

Gym backpacks.

My sports bag is pretty old. We are talking 3-4 years now, if not more. It’s from Nike and when you think about how much I have used it, not only for the gym, but also on weekend trips and holidays, it is still in an amazing condition. Here are three gym bag versions I would consider buying if I needed a new one.


Adidas by Stella Mccartney



Backpack_-_The_Upside_1000xThe Upside

Team day tomorrow.

It was crazy busy at work today, and I was so hungry when I got off this afternoon. I am sooo happy I had prepared my dinner, otherwise it’s too easy to get tempted to eat something unhealthy.


Tomorrow I am going to meet up with my team to workout, practice posing, and have fun. I am really looking forward to it!

Back on track.

I am barely sick, but I was unlucky this week. My body was felt so weak and I was in bed all day yesterday. Luckily it was my restday so I didn’t miss a workout. The picture is from todays leg workout where I am taking a break from the cable pulltroughs.