ASOS Velvet 2

Velvet is everywhere right now. Shoes, bags, dresses, blazers, and trousers. Plus, I have even seen underwear, hoodies and joggers made out out of velvet online. Velvet reminds me a little bit about my childhood, because I think I had a velvet (Christmas?) dress as a little girl. Also, I associate velvet with a tablecloth used at parties.

Here comes a funny little story. The first time I really noticed velvet this year was at the fitness competition in which I competed. A girl had a bikini made out of velvet, which I thought was really pretty and special, because she was the only one. From that day on I started to notice velvet quite often. I have come to like this fabric for clothing, but to a certain point, because sometimes velvet can make the clothing look cheap, I think. Below are my favourite pieces from (search for ‘velvet’).