Update + Jewellery.


Progress update from today’s coach meeting. Even though I ate a bit more food this week, I am still loosing weight and my body fat percentage is now down at 9,7 percent. This means that my coach will (again) add more food to my diet plan, which is perfectly fine with me.

After the meeting, I went to buy jewellery for the competition. This is what I found. I wouldn’t wear the bracelets in my every day life, but for the competition I need a lot of ‘bling’ to attract attenton.



Indian food 1

When you have been following a strict diet plan for four weeks without any cheat meals you start to crave something else than what’s on your plan. So far, I haven’t found it very difficult to follow a diet plan because it has become a habit to eat healthy and weight all my food. BUT I am craving Indian food. Seriously Indian food!? I didn’t eat a lot of it before, except when I was on exchange in Vietnam last year, but now I want to eat it every day haha. I have self-discipline enough to keep it to looking at delicious Pinterest photos and scrolling through the recipes, but still, it’s strange. I would have imagined the craving for nutella, cake and candy would come first.

S’well bottles.

S’well is a brand that creates stylish durable water bottles, and it is the company’s mission to reduce the use of plastic bottles in the world. The bottles are made out of insulated stainless steel and keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

I like this brand, not only because I find the bottles fashionable, but because it is working towards bettering the environment and communities by helping charity partners. For example, the company donated money to the U.S. Fund for Unicef to help provide clean water to children around the world.

The company offers customized bottles for brands, corporations and events. For example, the company has had a success with creating custom bottles for a number of designers for their NYFW shows and backstage.

S'well bottles 1

I think S’well is a sustainable, stylish and charitable choice for a water bottle, which can be used in many situations, also in the gym. On S’wells webpage http://www.swellbottle.com you can see pictures of the bottles posted by customers on Instagram. I made a collage with some of my favorite pictures.

S'well bottles 2



Ten months ago, I sent an application to become a part of Denmark’s best fitness team, Team Fisker Performance. Back then in October/November 2014, the New Comers Competition 2015 seemed so far away, but now ten months has become less than 30 days. The time has passed so fast, and 30 days will probably become one day just as quick.

With the new focus, I started working out every second day for the first month, while I was still on exchange in Vietnam. When I got back to Denmark in December, I started working out five times a week, which I have done ever since. The last couple of months also combined with some cardio. The gym has been my second home and I don’t even want to count the amount of hours I have spent in there. I like working out and use my time in the gym, and that’s what matters. I am a spontaneous person but an amazing planner too, which results in the fact that I have never missed a single workout session.

It is important to reflect upon the things you do in life, and I have been thinking much about my fitness journey lately. Just by now, I find the experience has given me a lot. I have learned important things and strengthened some of my personal skills.

Workout: When I started in November, I was new to the whole idea of doing strength training by myself. I was more the type who was attending the different classes offered by the gym, such as cross fit, HIT and other strength and dance classes. I also enjoyed outdoor running.

The past ten months has given me knowledge about how to work out, and how to do the different exercises with the right technique. Now, I finally know the name of many exercises (I found this difficult in the beginning), and which muscle groups they are targeting. I can use this knowledge and self-confidence later on when I continue to work out without a coach. Now I would feel like I actually know what I am doing with the dumbbells.

Amazing people and experiences: As I am on a fitness team, I have met so many inspiring people. The coaches have learned me so much, and my teammates are a group of cool dedicated people. Every one of them has worked hard in the gym and has improved throughout this year. I have gained an insight into the fitness world, and gotten many new experiences related to this.

Cooking: I improved my cooking skills with 100%. Before, cooking was just something I needed to get over as quick as possible so that I could eat. Now, I enjoy cooking. All this amazing food you are able to make yourself in the kitchen – It is like an amazing new world for me, and I like it! When I am not on my diet anymore, I am going to cook so much delicious food, especially dishes from India, Italy and Mexico. My all-time favourite kitchens. My friends can definitely expect some dinner invitations later this year.

Nutrition: I know a lot about food now. I know what to eat in order to get more energy and built muscles, and I know what to eat to loose fat. I have seen the importance of a healthy diet on my own body, and I am fascinated about how you can transform your body by eating differently.

Extremely good habits: By following a workout and meal plan, I have become extremely good at planning my life to make it as easy as possible for myself. I am food prepping one-two days ahead, and every evening I am preparing my breakfast so it’s ready to cook in the morning. This way it makes it easier to follow my meal plan and it results in less stress.

Self-discipline and will power: I have improved my self-discipline and will power. For example, I don’t touch the Nutella I have in my kitchen, and people can eat candy, cake etc. in front of me without me caring much. I have been to many parties and social arrangements without eating unhealthy or drinking alcohol, always bringing my own food and drinks. Sometimes it was hard to say no, but it was necessary to do so.

No matter how the competition will turn out, the process itself has taught so many things that I can take with me further in my life.

Progress update.

18.08.15I met up with my coach yesterday. It had been two weeks since last time, and we needed to do another measurement to check that everything is going in the right direction. My body fat percentage went from 10,7 to 10,1 in two weeks, which is good. What’s even better is the fact that I got a new diet plan with a little more food (carbs), starting from today. The food is highly needed now that the summer break is over, and uni has started again.


Hello mornings spent in bed, long time no see! A morning without the sound of an alarm had been needed for some time now, and I was surprised I didn’t sleep longer than until 9 am. I enjoyed my morning oats with some sparkling water before I went to the gym. I was full of new energy and today’s workout was amazing.


Weekend is here.

Yesterday, I was exhausted when I finally made it home from work. It was one of the few days where I just didn’t feel like working out at all. In the end, I went to the gym and made it though the entire workout, and when got home, I felt more energetic than when I left. It happens all the time that I become super active after a workout.

Today was different. I spent the same amout of hours at work but I was looking forward to my 40 minutes powerwalk in the nature, and I had a good walk in lovely surroundings. The weather was great too.




Now I will write good night and close my eyes. Have a nice weekend!


Most of today I spent at work. I was eating lunch at 11 am already, so I was starving when I got home at around 4.30 pm. Luckily, I did grocery shopping yesterday and my fridge was full of food. I made a delicous wholegrain wrap with vegetables and spicy minced meat. At the same time I food prepped some salmon, vegetables and wraps for tomorrows lunch, which I am already looking forward to eat. Actually, I am looking forward to eat all the time at the moment. I am really enjoying my food so it better be something delicious haha.


Today is strength training restday, but I went on a 30 minutes run. Now it’s shower time, and then I am going to the outdoor summer cinema to watch a movie with my friends.

Have a nice evening out there.

Coach meeting.

Today started out with an one hour powerwalk before catching the train to go see my coach. My body has changed a lot lately, and sometimes I can’t even recognise myself anymore. I like this lifestyle, and the feeling of hard work becoming visible is great. The visible difference is also measurable as my lean body mass is the same, but my body fat percentage has fallen from 12,5 to 10,7 since last time I got measured.


After the meeting with my coach, I met up with some of the girls from my team and we practised posing. We went through the quarter turns and t-walk many times, and I feel more confident now, because I am getting better at it. But practice makes perfect, and I still need to practice at least five minutes per day.

I am ending this great day with my night snack. Skyr with double chocolate protein, raspberries and toasted pine nuts.


Good night!