First week in NZ.


I have only been in Auckland for a week but I have already done so much. So much that I haven’t had the time to write about it.

  • I wrote a post about the International Orientation last week but I also went to the ordinary orientation last Tuesday.
  • I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival 2016 at Auckland Domain (or actually, I went there two times), which ended with fireworks last Sunday.
  • I did indoor rockclimbing with my flatmates. And WOW that was fun!
  • I went to the Art Museum with someone from Uni. We didn’t check what time it was and the museum closed 15 minutes after we got there. There is no entrance fee so I might go again sometime.
  • I went jogging on a bright pink road with my roommate. It was so pretty!
  • I have been walking A LOT. Longs walk around the city.

I have met some cool people who are just as interested in exploring the city before uni starts as I am.


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