Rangitoto Island.


I am lucky I already met some nice girls at orientation because one of them had the great idea to go to Rangitoto Island in the weekend. We were a group of four meeting up downtown at the harbour to go there with the ferry. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for a hike.

Rangitoto Island is a vulkano island not far from the coast. There are different paths to hike depending on your level. First, we hiked to the vulkano caves. Some paths takes you inside of the caves where you can see light coming in from above.


Afterwards, we walked up to the summit. The 360 degree view was amazing, and you could see Auckland City in the far distance.


The last ferry went back at 5 pm so we had to catch that one otherwise we would be stranded. We planned the hike well so that we would definitely make it back to the wharf in time. But somewhere along the way we missed a path. We realised it when we came to a crossroad and a sign said 1,5 hours until the wharf. As the time was 3.30 pm we kind of panicked and started to walk faster. We were already discussing what to do if we didn’t make it. There would be other people on the island because there were a camping area somewhere but we had almost no food and water left. There were no shops on the island. The ferry staff had already warned everybody to bring enough food and water. Luckily, we made the 1,5 hour walk in 1 hour and made it to the wharf in time. We must have walked fast.

In total we hiked for five hours. It was great, but the sun was strong and we ended up with a sunburn. I was an amazing day.


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