International orientation day.


Last Friday was orientation day. I didn’t know exactly where the university was or how long it would take to get there so I went early just in case I would get lost. With google maps open on my phone I managed to get there way before 9 am. I live really close, a 10-15 minutes walk if not less.

The university is called Auckland University of Technology, AUT. It’s a huge university with 19.500 full-time students. 2.660 of them are international students making the university very multicultural. It’s very modern and has a great study environment, social activities, sports teams, and an on campus gym.

It was a fun day with a lot of information. Three AUT employees sang for us because it’s a Maori tradition. We had to give a back massage to the persons sitting next to us in the auditorium, which was… strange? But Kiwi people are fun and seems to joke a lot, even the two police woman who did a small presentation about safety in Auckland City.


I got my Student ID, and I can’t wait to start my studies next Monday.


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