Twenty three.

Birthday wishes

YEES soon it’s my birthday and I will turn 23! More precise the 9th of December.

Every year when my birthday is approaching my family is asking for my birthday wishes, and because I am a December girl, most years I make a combined Birthday/Christmas wish list. Every year I find it hard to make a wish list. It’s not like when I was a child anymore, where I crossed over every toy I wished for in the Fætter BR (Danish toy store) Catalogue. Now, I can’t come up with any wishes, and I kind of feel like I have what I need. Or that the things I want, I don’t want right now. For example, I really want some beautiful furniture, interior, and tableware for the living room and kitchen, but not now. I want to start wish for these things when I have settled and live in a place, where I will live for many years.

I managed to find some wishes this year. Foundation and protein powder, because I am out of these things. Books, because I am interested in communication, PR, branding and marketing. and I want to be become smarter and improve in these areas. Workout tights, because the ones I have are worn out and almost see-through when I am doing squats. The first pair is from Skins (A200), the second from Adidas (Response tights), and the third from Nike (Epic running tights). I hope to get one of these pairs.

Do you have any Christmas wishes already? Inspiration and ideas are very welcome in the comment section.

Good night!


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