Winter boots.


Tadaaa, my very first collage made in Photoshop. I am really trying to learn how to use Photoshop at the moment, and this one was actually quite simpel and easy. I had a small Photoshop course at my Uni once (one-two years ago) but afterwards I forgot what I learned as I didn’t have the program on my computer to practise at home. I could attend extra courses now but I will try to learn it by myself. It should be possible with help from the books I borrowed from the library, the endless amount of youtube tutorials that exist, and my multimedia designer friends. More collages coming up!

My collage consists of my favourite winter boots this season. It’s pretty obvious what kind of boots i like. Yes, the Chelsea boots. The over-the-knee boots is also trending right now, and this trend, I find, is actual really practical unlike some other fashion trends. The advantage of wearing over-the-knee boots would be not getting snow inside your shoe, which would be harder to avoid in a pair of Chelsea boots. I like these boots when they are tight with a heel.

River IslandRiver Island


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