In my gym bag.


Among clutches and handbags, my gymbag is probably the one I use the most. Let’s take a look inside.




Inside, I have my black Adidas trainers, which I use in the gym with only one exception: Squats! When squatting, I use my Reebok Crossfit shoes because they support me much better than the trainers. There is a huge difference, I believe. I use the yellow leather straps for deadlifts. It irritates me when my hands are slipping the barbell, but I feel I can easily lift a heavier weight. Especially when it’s warm outside and the gym is hot like a sauna. Here the straps can be a help, but usually, I deadlift without the straps.

Sometimes, I bring a banan and a proteinshake with me to the gym, but mostly I just hurry home to blend it all into a well-tasting smoothie. I have protein powder in many different flavours, and my favourite flavour right now is caribbean chocolate (coconut taste) or strawberry/white chocolate. One banana, 30 gram whey, and water. Simple, but yet so tasting. I should post a picture of this soon.

I also bring my membership card (of course), a padlock, a hair band and my headphones. My set of headphones is essential when I am doing cardio. I usually powerwalk to an episode of Modern Family or Glee. It magically makes the time goes faster.


My good old running shoes I use when I am doing cardio or powerwalking outside. I like to walk in the nature, and these shoes are often very muddy.


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