Weighted dips.

There are some new exercises in my new program and some that I had in previous programs. When I get a new program, I naturally use more time in the gym than usual because I need to figure out exactly how much I can lift by trying out different kilos. If there are some exercises I am not one hundred procent sure about, I look them up on Google. This can take some extra time, but it’s only in the first week and then I know what to do, and how.

I find dips are already hard enough but now I started to do them with 2 kilos extra weight and less repetitions. Hopefully it will get easier and easier.



It can’t get anymore pink! Except for my nailpolish. Maybe I should get it in pink too, just for the satisfaction of matching things haha. Strawberry/white chocolate protein shake from Bodylab.


Back from vacation.

During Easter I was on holiday on Madeira, an island in the atlantic sea which belongs to Portugal. It was an amazing week with sun and great experiences. I will make a post about it tomorrow and upload some pictures.




This week I am starting on a new four week program with focus on legs and glutes, and some cardio – I miss running so I am really happy about this.