Alcohol decision.


I haven’t been drinking since New Years Eve. This surprises people when I tell them, and they ask me why. I am training to be in the best possible shape for the bikini fitness competition in September and I don’t drink because I want to do my best to achieve my dream.

It always takes time for people to accept changes, especially when I used to drink. After telling my friends that I am following my dream to become a fitness athlete, they were relatively fast at accepting my decision and have been cool with it from the beginning. Now my friends know why and don’t ask me anymore. Now it’s just ‘normal’. They are very understanding and don’t care if I drink cola or vodka, as long as I dance and sing along with them.

The past five months I haven’t had the same desire to go out in the weekends as I had last year when I was still drinking. I don’t know if it’s because I am not drinking now, if I just don’t see the purpose of going out every weekend anymore, or if I am just really focused on this fitness journey. Mostly, I just go to the pre-parties and then straight home, when people are going into town. I am glad I don’t feel like drinking and going out all the time because then it would suck not to be able to. I am lucky the people around me accept my choices and support me.


One thought on “Alcohol decision.

  1. Success sometimes requires sacrifice, good on ya, all the best! Ps if anybody asks: “you CAN lift, you can lift a lot!”


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