Good company.

My top reasons how to benefit from a fitness partner.

  • Social. I am busy with school, homework, work and workout most days, and even though I wish, I don’t always have time to see all my friends every week. Instead of going to a café or go shopping, you can make working out together into a social thing. In that way you can both work out and catch up. This will make the time goes faster and the workout more fun. The downside is that too much talking can lead to ineffective workout. Balance is key.
  • Spotting. When I do bench press or squats by myself, I am afraid of getting stuck in an awkward position where I can’t get up again because I put too much weight on the barbell. I always try to push myself but yelling for help across the gym is not something I want to do.  If you are working out with a friend, you can help eachother and conquer the fear of putting too much weight on the barbell. He/she will be there to help you.
  • Motivation. It has been a long day at school/work and you’re dreaming about your bed. You have tons of homework and things to do, and on top of it all it’s raining. Your last motivation has left you, but you have a goal and you need to go to the gym to reach it. On days like this, having an appointment with your workout partner will get you to the gym. Make the appointment a day ahead and make a rule that you can’t cancel appointments (except for acceptional reasons ofcourse). Knowing your workout partner will be waiting for you at the gym will give you the push to go there. I mean, you can’t let your him/her down on leg day!
  • Competition. I am a competitive person and for that reason I like to have a workout partner that is stronger than me. It motivates me to try to reach his weight and I push myself more. Some people might feel weak with this method and they should choose a workout partner that matches their own strength level. Celebrate the success with a loud high five when either you or your workout partner becomes stronger.

A thank you to my wonderful workout partners. See you at the gym.


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