Welcome to my blog.

I am very happy you are here to read it.

My name is Isabella. I am 22 years old and live in Denmark. I like to work out and through my blog I hope to share my lifestyle and motivate people to a healthy life.

Fitness // In November 2014 I joined the Fisker Performance Team and began training towards Danish Newcomers’15 in September in Bikini Fitness. Before, I enjoyed running, but now I have discovered weight lifting and actually barely run anymore. On my blog you can follow my journey to reach my goal to become a fitness athlete.

Gym wear // I like fashion and I keep myself updated with trends and new arrivals within the gym wear industry. I think, it could be cool to work within the gym wear industry in the future, which is one reason why I study business at a fashion school.

Motivation and inspiration // On my blog I hope to motivate with pictures and other things I come up with.

Adventures // I am very adventurous, open-minded and I love to explore. I also like to challenge myself in all kind of different ways. If I am lucky enough to safe money to go somewhere, I will share my adventures on the blog.

If you have any comments or questions, you are very welcome to write me.


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